Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My god's a burning bush

My god’s a burning bush—
     with spry peals of fire
     woven between her nimble branches
a dancing covenant.

My god’s a burning bush,
      a pillar of fire by night and cloud by day,
      a setting sun, a glowing ash,
a quiet whispered sigh.

My god’s a burning bush,
      with hearts entwined like nesting birds
      upon a leafy glowing bough,
a crackling, a smolder.

My god’s a burning bush,
      a poisoned tree, a broken heel,
      a concrete knee upon blood and soil,
a lost wisp, a phantom.

Our god’s a burning bush,
      chains laid to rest, quiet skies broke open,
      freedom, song; spark, catalyst
an open question… ?


  1. I love this! The image of the burning bush is such a powerful one. You spun it out beautifully.

  2. @Jennie

    Thanks so much! It is a very powerful image, one that now that I'm working on the sermon I regret picking to preach on...