Saturday, September 17, 2011

Electricity Fast: Day 1

To read about what the Electricity Fast is and why I am doing it, please read my introductory entry.

Yesterday was my first day of the electricity fast. Twenty-four hours without utilizing any electricity... well, it was both harder than I thought it would be and easier than I thought it would be. To begin with, I cannot tell you how many times I turned on the lights without realizing what I was doing. Depending on lights is second nature to many of us, and every time I would walk into a room the first thing I did was turn on the lights before realizing what I was doing. Of course I would turn off the lights within a few seconds. Next week I need to be more careful so I don't turn on the lights, even accidentally.

Also, I forgot I had a doctor's appointment. Over twenty miles away. I considered calling a taxi or asking a friend to drive me, but either way, it would still be utilizing a car. With no decent public transportation in the Gettysburg area, I was more or less forced to drive to the appointment. On the way back I stopped and got coffee. Which brings me to my next realization.

As I explained in my first post, the goal is that I do not utilize any electricity within a period of twenty-four hours. I realized after getting coffee that I need to make a distinction. I said that I wouldn't consider it a breaking of the fast to go to the library or to a friend's place since the electricity would be on whether I'm there or not. But, going out to eat or getting coffee--that is utilizing electricity that would not be used if it were not for me (whether it's an espresso machine or a grill). I am trying to make as little impact as possible for these twenty-four hours, so going to a coffee store is out of the question.

Also, another realization I made during the fast was that it defeats the purpose if I end up utilizing more electricity than normal on the day before and the day after--whether it's for making food for the fast day or watching extra television or extra computer-ing. So, this means I need to be intentional about how I utilize electricity throughout the entire week, not just making sure not to use it on the fast day.

Overall, the first fast day made me really aware of just how much I do rely on electricity. Throughout the next five weeks, my hope is to continue to become more mindful of how I use electricity, but also to become less reliant on it even when the one day a week fast ends.

Any way, questions, comments, whatever--all are welcome. Next week fast day will be on Saturday, so tune in for more.

(P.S.--still working on the recommended books, so expect to see that up sometime this week).


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