Monday, October 3, 2011

Electricity Fast Day 3

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Sorry for the delay in posting. It was my birthday weekend, so it took me a bit to get around to posting...

Any way, so halfway through the fast, three down, three to go. Every day of the fast I end up realizing even more just how much our lifestyle depends on electricity. I wasn't feeling well, so I popped in a movie to help me get to sleep. I had to turn on my computer a few times a day to check for an important e-mail I was expecting. It seems that it is near impossible to completely escape electricity.

What happened to our society? How have we moved from the majority of people having no or little electricity to our lives being so entwined with it that it can barely be escaped, even if only for one day. What have we done to ourselves?

Overall, this day wasn't bad, even if I ended up using electricity a few times. Three days left to go--let's see if I can actually make it through a day without electricity.


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